Medication Change

Haven’t posted in a little over a week I think, haven’t stopped writing just haven’t found the time to put it on here yet. I finally got in to see a shrink today after almost a month off of many medications. We decided to discontinue Dextroamphetamine (adderal), I was never tested for ADHD. I always felt like the symptoms of lack of concentration, focus and drive had much more to due with the PTSD and Depression. We are going to increase my dose of prozasin for nightmares and start me on Prozac. It will be interesting to keep a journal of how my mood and symptoms change with three changes. I am also going to be starting Cognitive Process Therapy (CPT) next week. I just wanted to throw a quick post up while I was thinking about it, I will take some time tonight to get some of the other items I have been writing in a format for this blog. Have any of my readers or visitors had any experience with Prozac?

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4 responses to “Medication Change

  • jq1317

    My husband was put on it for a little while while he was going through a rough spell with his PTSD having a lot of anxiety helped a lot and made home feel calmer and happier but it also made him a little tired and sickish. He is ridiculously sensitive to a lot of medicines though so that’s probably not a very common side effect..he’s pretty opposed to medicine of any kind most of the time so the fact that it worked and he even noticed himself can say a lot sometimes! Hope it helps

  • Brandon

    Sorry man, no personal exp. with prozac, a few cousins and other family members have taken it, mood relaxer from what I told. Hope it works out for you somewhat brother, keep us posted.

  • vme317

    Good luck to you. My husband didn’t have a successful time with anything they prescribed him. Prozac made him walk around like a zombie. He showed no emotion he says he felt like he was on “auto pilot” I hope you have better luck then us

  • havealovelyday13

    Yes, I have been on Prozac but what one person experiences can be vastly different than what another person experiences. Have patience. I know it is a slow and frustrating process to try, wait and see, then sometimes have to go back to the beginning again.

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